Lace Closures are usually

A square-shaped lace that has hair knotted on to the lace, the closure can be used on top or side of your head, and it could make your hair extensions look more natural when wearing a full head of weaves. The most popular size of Lace Closure are 4”x” and 5”x4”. Lace closure offers a great versatile parting to create a natural hairline.

With Pearcloin selected

High quality human hair and lace material, Lace Closure can be dyed, bleached or permed. Its can easily lighten or darken without causing so much damage on to the hair. Lace closure will give you a seamless blending, the scalp color and hair density make the hair look very natural. The Lace Closure will give you a perfect look that is so close to your scalp color, bleached knots and proper hair density. It is made to fit your natural hair perfectly. A great closure gives you countless hair styling options.