A Stick Tip/I-Tip/Micro Ring Hair Extension or

Sometimes called “cold fusion” is a method of fitting that involves the use of a fixture, such as a micro ring or micro tube, to keep the hair extension in place without the use of heat or glue. Stick Tip/I-Tip/Micro Ring Hair Extensions are considered to be one of the safest methods available and when fitted correctly should cause no damage to the natural hair.

The terms Stick Tip/I-Tip/Micro Ring are used interchangeably

But do essentially refer to the same thing, with the exception of a “micro loop” which is often also associated with this type of fitting. The method gets its name from the shape of the hair extension bond, which could be compared to the end of a shoelace, where a hard cylinder shape is found at the top of each strand to allow the hair extension to be inserted into its fixture to stay in place. Because of the popularity and demand of this kind of hair extensions, Pearlcoin has invested research and development to capture the market. Pearlcoin only use the highest quality of human hair and materials to produce this hair extension.