A toupee is commonly known as

A hairpiece or hair replacement system is a custom made and fitted unit meant which covers up male pattern baldness. This partial hairpiece is usually held in place with two-sided special tape or liquid toupee glue and blends with existing hair on the sides and back of the head. Typically men use toupees more than women, due to the coverage needed for male pattern baldness. A good quality toupee made to match the wearer’s natural hair as closely as possible. The best ones made from human hair. Metal clips maybe use to attach a toupee, but this is not as secure as using a glue to keep it in place.

Pearlcoin understands the advent of:

Technology has changed the industry forever and hair systems are now almost undetectable. Because of these changes, the company has setup a group of designers specializing and focusing on the making of superior quality of toupees. Each piece can be custom made, hand crafted to your exact specifications, and our experienced designers will makes it easy to design the perfect hair toupee for you with the best human hair possible.